Services Available

 Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Labeling

Ø Accurate nutrition and ingredient labeling based on FDA and USDA regulations.

Ø Allergen information and guidance.

Ø Camera ready Nutrition Facts labels in all approved label formats.

Ø We will work with you to provide clean ingredient decks that are concise and accurate.

Review of Existing Food Labels

Ø1  We can review your existing labels to ensure compliance with FDA and USDA regulations.

Ø2   We can help you to modify and correct your labels if necessary saving you thousands of dollars on unnecessary print costs.

Claims Analysis

Ø Evaluate recipe / formula criteria for nutrient content or compliance with desired health claims.

Ø Provide assistance in formula modification to meet claim guidelines saving many hours on the bench reducing costs.

Ø Calculate school lunch equivalents for foodservice food items.

Ø Calculation of weight watcher points and diabetic exchanges on your formulas.

Recipe/Menu Analysis

Ø1  We can provide nutrition information per serving or per 100g for your recipe or menu item.

Ø2 We can work with you to modify your recipe to meet a nutrient content claim such as low fat or low sodium.
Ø3   Many reports can be provided which can breakdown the nutritional content of your formula.


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